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I want government to work for everyone--especially you. The North State deserves better representation in Sacramento, and that's why I’m running for State Senate. It’s time for a fresh voice advocating for District 1.

A government that works for everyone means:

  • Provide single payer healthcare to all Californians
  • Increase the number of healthcare facilities in our District 
  • Support programs to reduce fire danger and improve public safety and awareness
  • Assist our farming and tourism economies as they implement new strategies to adapt to the changing climate  
  • Provide affordable housing; no one should be homeless
  • Create a system for universal access to pre-K/early childhood education
  • Fully fund education to include free college, trade schools, apprenticeship programs, invest in teachers and schools 
  • Build crucial infrastructure projects including Internet access and improve dangerous rural roads and highways



Coronavirus Update:

I truly believe that America can rise to this challenge, and with innovation and perseverance, find ways to live safely and grow, prosper and raise our children. Our success will be determined by widespread and ongoing testing, funding medical research and most importantly, joining together to cooperate in public health directives as they evolve based on the newest scientific understanding of COVID-19.

Please wear a face covering when in public indoor spaces or when distancing is not feasible out of doors. Please use the utmost caution when planning to gather in small groups with friends and relatives. And please postpone plans for large gatherings until we as a society have made more progress in battling this pandemic. If we all do our part, we can stop the spread of this disease.