Senator Dahle's Votes

How did Brian vote?

Time and time again, Senator Dahle has voted against the best interests of his constituents, our communities and our environment.



  • Voted NO on AB 936 that amends environmental protections relating to heavy crude oil spills and emergency response planning
  • Voted NO on AB 1046 that increases rebates for full-battery electric vehicles
  • Voted NO on AB 398 that extends California's cap-and-trade climate policy until 2030
  • Voted NO on AB 1328 that strengthens emissions reporting requirements and transparency on environmental impact of abandoned wells
  • Voted NO on AB 1080 for a 75% reduction in the waste generated from single use packaging by 2032.

Internet, Broadband, and Infrastructure: 

  • Voted NO on AB 570


  • Voted NO on SB 465 Wildfire Safety Improvements and Home Hardening
  • Voted NO on SB 45 which allocates resources to projects aimed to reduce the risk of wildfires and protect crucial water resources. 
  • DID NOT VOTE on AB 1124 Wildfire Smoke Health Hazard
  • DID NOT VOTE on AB 740 California Catastrophic Wildfire Fund Commission.


  • Voted NO on AB 521 that authorizes healthcare professionals be trained to reduce firearm-related injuries
  • Voted NO on AB 1815 that authorizes loan repayment assistance for Medicaid providers, among other provisions
  • Voted NO on SB 277 that amends school immunization requirements
  • Voted NO on AB 4 that authorizes Medi-Cal benefits to undocumented immigrants over the age of 19
  • Voted NO on SB 852 that authorizes California to manufacture generic prescription drugs, one of which is insulin.
  • DID NOT VOTE on AB 824 that prohibits pharmaceutical companies from using tactics that slow generic drug manufacturers from releasing lower cost medications


  • Voted NO on SB 917 that amends the insurance policies 
  • Voted NO on SB 894 requires insurer to allow renewal of insurance policy after disaster


  • Voted NO on AB 175 Amends Foster Care Bill of Rights
  • Voted NO on SB 720 Environmental Education
  • Voted NO on SB 277 Amends School Immunization Requirements

Tenant rights:

  • Voted NO on SB915 which prohibits mobile home park management to evict or raise rents for tenants who are impacted by Covid 
  • Voted NO on SB 1190 which extends tenant protections by allowing crime victims and their families to terminate tenancy without penalties or losing security deposit.
  • DID NOT VOTE on ‘Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020’ to provide protections to renters who have been impacted by coronavirus from eviction until February 2021 and includes some foreclosure protections for qualified landlords suffering from missed rent payments.


  • Voted NO on SB 823 which overhauls the state’s juvenile justice system and shifts responsibility from the state to local governments 
  • Voted NO on AB 1196 which bans the use of chokeholds by police officers, an excessive use of force
  • Voted NO on SB 555 to set contract limits on prison phone call charges, a $1.2 billion/yr industry.
  • Voted NO on AB 2147 to expunge records of qualified incarcerated individuals working on hand crews on California fires to allow inmate fire crews to get jobs after release.