Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet

Our district does not have equitable access to internet connectivity. We need to bring adequate internet speed to every single North State home for a reasonable cost. 

In District 1, only 38.7% of the population has access to broadband infrastructure with speeds of 25 mb/second or more, as compared to the average for rural CA with 67.3% and average rural USA at 73.6%.

The lack of connectivity has created significant roadblocks for economic development and opportunities for our residents. Educating our children in a socially distant world necessitates internet access. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require high speed internet, as does our reliance on tele-health services in our rural district. 

Internet access is necessary to fully participate in e-commerce, education and digital medicine and needs to be guaranteed to all residents, regardless of income or location.

Pamela will advocate for building out high speed wired and wireless networks to all homes and businesses in SD1 in the following ways: 

  • Encourage private-public partnerships and/or publicly owned infrastructure
  • Support legislation to increase funding and provide subsidies to projects focused on building broadband access to rural areas of California
  • Promote the use of fiber internet access to ensure long-lasting high capacity infrastructure 

This is a requirement to improve the quality and number of jobs in our District, which will increase our rural tax base and further fund much-needed social and economic programs.

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