Pamela is a product of California’s public schools and she knows that investing in our educational system is an investment in our future. Each child in our District deserves an equitable, high-quality education to realize their best potential to compete in the local and global workforce.

It must be our priority to:  

  • Support universal preschool for all four year-olds
  • Increase per pupil funding to the average of the ten highest states
  • Support public school teachers with higher pay and provide adequate school facilities funding
  • Support maintaining and expanding career and technical education for non-college bound students 
  • Change curriculum to reflect the diversity of lived experiences in America including people of various races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and physical disabilities. 
  • Advocate for free community college for all students
  • Advocate for free tuition at public universities and colleges
  • Establish mental health awareness and counseling programs for students in all levels of education, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition to these discrete actions, Pamela recognizes the importance of nutrition programs, before and after school programs, tutoring and counseling for kids and parent training courses to improve students’ success in school.  

Currently, our district has several community colleges across eleven counties. Pamela believes it is time for the North State to house a 4-year Cal State or UC campus, with Redding as the top location choice, so our youth may remain in our District. 

Pamela understands that skills training and education are an investment into the future health of our communities, and in order to successfully compete in today's economy and workforce, we must prepare our students and support our teachers and schools.

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