Environment & Climate Change

From the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe to the towering peak of Mt. Shasta, our district is home to some of our state’s most beautiful natural landmarks and vital natural resources. As someone who has spent the majority of her life exploring the beautiful outdoors our district has to offer, Pamela is dedicated to preserving our environment so that future generations may also enjoy that same luxury.

North State rivers and mountain snowpacks supply two-thirds of California’s fresh water for drinking, agriculture and more. We are home to some of the state’s largest reservoirs, including Shasta and Folsom. Our water management practices and policies cannot be separated from the issue of climate change mitigation, and are crucial to the health of not just our District’s economy but to all of California.

 As your representative, Pamela will advocate for:

  • Increased funding for the development of local renewable and sustainable energy sources, such as biomass gasification plants, solar and wind projects which allow our communities to be energy independent
  • The creation of job training programs to help train workers in our community for new jobs in the renewable energy sector
  • Clean air and water initiatives to create a cleaner and healthier environment for the North State and all of California
  • Outreach programs to promote sustainable farming and land use practices in our agricultural communities
  • The creation of clean energy, affordable, and accessible public transportation 
  • Zero-emission small-scale manufacturing 
  • The restoration and protection of  threatened, endangered, and fragile ecosystems through locally-driven, science-based projects that aim to enhance biodiversity and support climate resiliency
  • Investment in water management and sustainable water infrastructure that will conserve but also produce jobs for our communities 
  • Effective management of our forested lands, watersheds, and upper alpine wetlands to provide cleaner, colder, and adequate water 
  • Adequate preparation for impactful and often unexpected droughts and floods

For far too long we have let profit-driven corporations and interest groups dictate our environmental policy. We must rise to the occasion and ensure that we elect an official who prioritizes the health of our environment and our community at large. We in the North State understand how important it is to protect the environment around us. It is our home, for many it is our livelihood, and ultimately it is our responsibility to ensure that we maintain it for future generations.

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