Forest Health & Wildfire Prevention

The consequences of a multi-year drought and beetle infestations that caused the death of millions of trees, compounded by underfunded forest and grasslands management and increased temperatures due to climate change, have resulted in unprecedented wildfires in our district.

It’s time to get serious about wildfire prevention to limit fire's destructive impact on our communities and local economies and to ensure the safety of our residents.

Pamela advocates for increased wildfire prevention through:

  • Adopting fuel abatement programs by introducing low-intensity prescribed burns, adequate forest thinning, and using mechanical and non-fire methods for understory clearing 
  • Building biomass gasification facilities to convert removed biomass into sustainable energy production, hydrogen fuel and biochar, a product that can be used by agricultural producers to mitigate soil drought and sequester carbon
  • Investing in management strategies to increase diversity of native plants and tree species to reduce insect and disease outbreaks 
  • Restoring the spatial heterogeneity to our forest structures to maintain biodiversity 
  • Maintaining and expanding private-public partnerships to decrease the cost of forest management and boost local economies
  • Educating landowners through outreach programs and funding assistance on effective methods to reduce vegetation, to create defensible space, and to provide for evacuation routes from their neighborhoods.

Each fire season brings the threat of unprecedented fire danger, with the largest and most deadly fires ever in the last few years. Pamela will advocate for funding that goes directly to our communities to manage our forests and watersheds back to health, while creating much needed rural jobs.

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