It’s a fact. Each person, regardless of income, needs and deserves the ability to receive quality and equal healthcare. The current, for-profit healthcare system pits corporate profits against the health and lives of people. This is not a sustainable or moral business model.

Additionally, because of our District’s rural landscape and lower population density, the distance to the nearest doctor, healthcare facility or hospital may require a several hour round trip. In some locations within our district, the nearest hospital is in another state, which may not accept an individual’s insurance, if they are insured. We need a state senator who will advocate for our rural district’s healthcare needs.

Pamela supports a single-payer health care system to make certain that every resident is covered. Here are the actionable items that Pamela will fight for while continuing to advocate for single-payer for each California resident:

  • Broadening the eligibility for Covered California under the Affordable Care Act and continuing to reduce the costs of premiums, deductibles, and co-pays
  • Expanding student loan forgiveness programs and establishing fellowship opportunities at our local hospitals to encourage more health care providers to serve in our underserved communities
  • Funding mental health and addiction rehabilitation centers throughout the district. 
  • Building our infrastructure to improve access to digital health monitoring and tele-health services

Furthermore, Pamela supports bills like SB852, which was signed by Governor Newsom. This bill will drive down drug costs by allowing California to manufacture generic prescription drugs, to include insulin.

Pamela will fight to bring affordable and local healthcare to all residents of the North State.

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