Pamela on the Issues

Pamela is passionate about serving the people in our community and protecting the environment we depend upon for our health, safety and livelihood.


Health care is a basic human right. Receiving quality health care shouldn't require you to drive hundreds of miles or go bankrupt. I support Single Payer healthcare for all Californians. Our state's economy is equal to the 5th largest economy in the world, just ahead of the UK. California has 40 million residents compared to the UK's 66 million people who, today, enjoy universal healthcare. 

No doubt the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was an improvement, however we still have 3 million Californians uninsured. Living in the northeastern corner of California is especially problematic because often the closest medical provider is in Nevada or Oregon, where the only available ACA plans may not adequately cover treatment in other states.

Pamela will lead efforts to keep rural hospitals funded and ensure they have adequate equipment and specialists.


The federal government owns and manages the vast majority of California’s forests. Despite the desperate need for more federal funding to improve public safety and forest health, the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have experienced budget cuts, year after year.

Each fire season brings the threat of unprecedented fire danger, with the largest and most deadly fires ever in the last few years. We need a comprehensive approach to managing our forests and mitigating fire danger. I believe private-public partnerships are the best way to develop a strong collaborative approach to reduce the cost of forest management and boost local economies.

Some of these collaborative efforts include:

  • Sustainable logging by thinning our forests back to a healthy density to improve fire resiliency
  • Removal of dying and dead trees, creating fuel breaks and conducting prescribed burns
  • Restoring tree species diversity and age to improve resistance from pests and diseases
  • Educating landowners through outreach programs and funding assistance on effective methods to reduce vegetation, to create defensible space, and to provide for evacuation routes from their neighborhoods.
  • Work to create a new industry that uses the biomass removed from lands

Pamela will fight for funding that goes directly to our communities and residents to improve the health and diversity of our forests, creating a safer environment as well as much needed rural jobs. 

As a home-owner in a fire-prone area, Pamela will also work to ensure that every homeowner has access to adequate and affordable homeowner’s insurance and will strongly advocate for better emergency follow-up for wildfire victims by state and the federal agencies..


Slow or no Internet access is a major roadblock for economic development in many areas of Senate District 1. Pamela will advocate for building out high speed wired and wireless networks to all homes and businesses in SD1, which can be accomplished either in private-public partnerships or publicly owned infrastructure.

It is vital for our rural area to have equal Internet access that has the ability to transfer content at high speeds in order to fully participate in e-commerce, education and digital medicine. This is a requirement to improve the quality and number of jobs in our District, which will increase our rural tax base, further funding schools, fire, police and other necessary programs.


Pamela is a product of California public schools and she knows that investing in our education system is an investment in our future. Each child in our District deserves equal access to high-quality education in order to achieve their best potential.

Pamela supports investments in our teachers and all levels of public schools, as well as developing private-public partnerships to provide technical education, apprenticeship and vocational programs to prepare our students for good-paying jobs.

It's time for the North State to house a new Cal State or UC campus, with Redding being the top location choice. Pamela will fight for funding for two free years of community college for first-time, full time students, as well as free tuition to public universities and colleges. In order to compete in the today's economy, we must support our students, teachers and schools.


Pamela understands that climate change is real and the extreme weather events associated with it are a threat to our economy, environment, and health. Increased tree mortality, the number and severity of wildfires, flooding, reduced snowpack, and drought endangers our current way of life. Through reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, identifying vulnerabilities, and planning accordingly, we can tackle this problem head-on.

Pamela supports incentives and investments in renewable energy technologies, thereby reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, the single biggest contributor of greenhouse gases. Renewable energy investments will not only reduce global warming, they will also boost our economy since they are labor intensive and create more jobs per dollar invested than conventional electricity generation technologies. Renewable energy also uses primarily local resources, so most of the energy dollars can be kept here at home. Small-scale biomass facilities and and microgrid systems will also bring energy independence and resilience to our district.

Pamela will promote climate change adaptation planning to deal with the climate events already occurring, reducing the vulnerability and increasing the capacity to recover quickly from natural disasters in our district. And Pamela will protect and encourage a re-envisioning of our tourism economies already endangered by climate change.



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