Forest Health & Wildfire Prevention

The consequences of a multi-year drought and beetle infestations that caused the death of millions of trees, compounded by underfunded forest and grasslands management and increased temperatures due to climate change, have resulted in unprecedented wildfires in our district. Continue reading


It’s a fact. Each person, regardless of income, needs and deserves the ability to receive quality and equal healthcare. The current, for-profit healthcare system pits corporate profits against the health and lives of people. This is not a sustainable or moral business model. Continue reading

Environment & Climate Change

From the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe to the towering peak of Mt. Shasta, our district is home to some of our state’s most beautiful natural landmarks and vital natural resources. As someone who has spent the majority of her life exploring the beautiful outdoors our district has to offer, Pamela is dedicated to preserving our environment so that future generations may also enjoy that same luxury. Continue reading


Pamela is a product of California’s public schools and she knows that investing in our educational system is an investment in our future. Each child in our District deserves an equitable, high-quality education to realize their best potential to compete in the local and global workforce. Continue reading

Broadband Internet

Our district does not have equitable access to internet connectivity. We need to bring adequate internet speed to every single North State home for a reasonable cost.  In District 1, only 38.7% of the population has access to broadband infrastructure with speeds of 25 mb/second or more, as compared to the average for rural CA with 67.3% and average rural USA at 73.6%. Continue reading

Fire Insurance

Too many homeowners and businesses in the North State have had our fire insurance canceled and our premiums skyrocket, with nowhere to turn except the costly California FAIR Plan. We have been brought to a breaking point, and we need relief. Continue reading

Senator Dahle's Votes

How did Brian vote? Time and time again, Senator Dahle has voted against the best interests of his constituents, our communities and our environment.   Continue reading