Health Care

Provide accessible and affordable healthcare for all Californians, regardless of income or pre-existing conditions, through Medicare for all

Keep rural hospitals open, while ensuring they have adequate equipment and specialists

Address the opioid crisis in the district and statewide



Climate Change

Incentivize rural communities to move towards 100% renewable energy

Protect and re-envision tourism economies endangered by wildfires, droughts and warm winters

Support technological innovation while driving down America's carbon pollution 


Fire Resiliency, Planning and Recovery

Empower residents and community to create defensible spaces and improve their communities' fire resiliency

Provide better emergency follow-up for wildfire victims where FEMA falls short

Protect consumers in the fire insurance market with legislation

Education and Jobs

Make education through a bachelor degree achievable for low income families via low or no tuition programs

Introduce apprenticeship and vocational programs, creating real job skills

Build a Green New Deal in the North State, creating green jobs and green knowledge


Transportation and Infrastructure

Fight for high speed internet in rural areas of the district to support existing business, high tech start-ups and home offices

Support local governments in solving traffic issues, such as the Tahoe / Truckee traffic crisis 


LGBTQ Rights

Support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people's rights

Advocate for laws that protect everybody's dignity so all people can fully enjoy their rights

Prevent discrimination and abuse based on sexual orientation or gender identity